István Orosz

(1951 - )

painter, printmaker, graphic designer and animation film director

István Orosz graduated from the Hungarian University of Arts and Design in 1975 and has worked as a painter, printmaker, poster designer, illustrator and animation film maker. He is known for his mathematically inspired works, impossible objects, optical illusions, double-meaning images and anamorphoses – which have been compared to the art of M. C. Escher.

Orosz regularly participates in major international art biennials and his works have been shown in individual and group exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. He is member of the Hungarian Art Academy, the Alliance Graphique International (AGI) and co-founder of the Hungarian Poster Association. Orosz often uses the Greek word Outis, (pronounced: outis, meaning: no-one) as his artist pseudonym.

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István Orosz's Films

Private Nightmare


Private Nightmare is an animated pseudo-documentary which depicts the oppressive atmosphere of gray socialism. A sleeping man is haunted by nightmarish images: a grotesque dream-scape of the socialist countryside. The naturalistically drawn scenes convey a surreal, distressing environment, which is enhanced by the sinister narration imitating the style of dream books.



Wizards is built around ancient magic spells. The film’s pulsating and rotating images, depicted in strong colours, render this work a powerful, poetic quality. The visuals that draw on fairy tales and mythical folklore are designed by book illustrator Dóra Keresztes (the wife of István Orosz.)

Mind the Steps!


Made in 1989, as Hungary was on the brink of seismic social change, this remarkable short film by István Orosz is a monochromatic wonder. Rotoscoped animation, hand-drawn in black ink, effects an Escher-like illusory quality, with ingenious transitions that marry the social inextricably to the political.