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Animatik pays tribute to Hungarian animation’s legendary classics, as well as its contemporary talent. Our brand provides a one-stop shop for Hungarian animation-inspired products and sets out to bring the wonder of animation films into your life!


110th Anniversary of Hungarian Animation

The Hungarian National Film Institute and Animatik are planning an exciting collaboration to commemorate this amazing milestone.

More info coming soon!



Animatik and high fashion brand ARTISTA have launched an exciting collaboration – Discover the Bubble Bath collection!

Why Choose Animatik?

Unique design

Animatik is the country's one and only shop specialising in Hungarian animation-inspired products. We are continuously expanding our product range so keep checking back!

Tribute to Hungarian Animation Film Makers

Animatik places a big emphasis on introducing the outstanding figures of Hungarian animation to a wider audience. You can find out more about the animators who inspired our products in the Artists menu.

Collaboration with NFI Film Archive

We are in constant discussion with the Hungarian National Film Institute's Film Archive about our projects and upcoming collections - and would like to thank them for their continued support!

Animation collection to the rhythm of a heartbeat