Dóra Keresztes

(1953 - )

painter, printmaker, illustrator, graphic designer and animated film director

Dóra Keresztes finished her studies at the Book Design Department of the Hungarian University of Arts and Design in Budapest in 1977. She went on to complete her post-graduate studies, then worked in the Collegium Hungaricum in Rome. She started her career with book designs, illustrated and designed books mainly for children and contemporary Hungarian literature and ran workshops with children – among others in the Hungarian National Gallery. Later on, film posters and theater posters came to the center of her interest and she also became the art director and designer of Múzsák („Muses”) Cultural Magazine in Budapest. Also, she was the vice president of the Society of Hungarian Illustrators for several years, and in 2004 she was co-founder of the Hungarian Poster Association. Nowadays she works as a freelance designer in her own design studio. Besides her design activity, she is an independent fine artist, stage designer and director of animated films. Her works have been shown in exhibitions, biennales and film festivals both in Hungary and abroad.

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Dóra Keresztes' Films



Wizards is built around ancient magic spells. The film’s pulsating and rotating images, depicted in strong colours, render this work a powerful, poetic quality. The visuals that draw on fairy tales and mythical folklore are designed by book illustrator Dóra Keresztes (the wife of István Orosz.)