Kovásznai Book, 2016 English

KOVÁSZNAI: A COLD WAR ARTIST, Animation | Painting | Freedom by Brigitta Iványi-Bitter. Comprehensive English-language monograph presenting the oeuvre of Hungarian filmmaker and painter György Kovásznai, published in 2016.

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The first edition of the György Kovásznai monograph was published in 2010 to accompany the first-ever Kovásznai retrospective show in the Hungarian National Gallery. The book is based on the author, Brigitta Iványi-Bitter’s 3-year-long project, during which she researched Kovásznai’s films, paintings, writings and conducted in-depth interviews with the artist’s family, friends, colleagues and art historians specializing in Kovásznai’s era. The second edition of the monograph was published in 2016 as part of the monumental Kovásznai exhibition at the Somerset House and the Courtauld Institute in London. The third edition of the book was released in November 2022, so the last items of the 2016 edition are now available at a discount. The aim of the monograph is to present the oeuvre of Hungarian filmmaker and painter György Kovásznai to audiences in his home country and around the world.

Prefaces by Professor Sarah Wilson (The Courtauld Institute of Art) and Paul Wells (Loughborough University).

English edition. 335 pages with over 300 pictures from György Kovásznai’s lifework.


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