Igor Lazin

(1964 - )

graphic artist, animation film director

Igor Lazin was born in Novi Knezevac, Serbia. He studied interior decoration at the Belgrade School of Arts. Since 1993 he has been living in Hungary. Lazin makes illustrations for children’s books and magazines and he produces animation and advertisement videos.

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Igor Lazin's Films


1982, 2010, 2016

Igor Lazin’s short film Reportrait 2010, which summarizes György Kovásznai’s oeuvre in 6 minutes, was featured in the monumental Kovásznai exhibition at the Hungarian National Gallery in 2010. Fine artist and animation film maker Lazin co-directed the film with director Ferenc Török (Moszva tér, Eastern Sugar), applying the same socio-documentarist approach that Kovásznai and Elek Lisziak pioneered in their eponymous film in 1982. The film features the sound recordings from the original interviews, while the interviewees appear via an animated cartoon which seeks to capture the “essence” of their personalities. Lazin’s short film had a 2016 English-language reboot to accompany Kovásznai’s debut exhibition at the Somerset House in London. The 2016 version of the film features renowned international art historians and artists, alongside their Hungarian colleagues praising Kovásznai’s lifework.