Ferenc Rófusz

(1946 - )

animation film director, university professor

Ferenc Rófusz is one of the most acclaimed Hungarian artists of our time. The world-famous animator, animation film director and producer has created a wide range of short films, television series and advertisements and has won numerous international awards. To the present day, Rófusz is the only Hungarian animation film maker who has won an Academy Award (Oscar) – with his 1980 animated short The Fly.

Rófusz joined the Pannónia Film Studio in 1968, where he was part of the team creating Johnny Corncob (János vitéz, 1973) and was the co-director of the Gusztáv television series, alongside Marcell Jankovics . His debut film was The Stone in 1974.

In the 1980s Rófusz worked in Germany (at that time West Germany), then in 1988 he moved to Canada, where he worked at Nelvana Studio. In 1991 he founded his own studio called Super Fly Films. In 2002 he returned to his home country and has been working both in Canada and Hungary ever since.

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Ferenc Rófusz's Films

The Fly


Featuring background images without moving characters, The Fly documents the final minutes of an insect caught in a trap – from the fly’s point of view. It is the allegorical depiction of the illusion of freedom, set in sharp contrast to a situation of extreme vulnerability.

In 1981 the Fly was the first Hungarian film to win an Academy Award.